We are nearing the end of a two-week training session organized by Essegi Automation at its headquarters, aimed at the Service technicians of our distribution network.  

Participants from five countries – India, Japan, Bulgaria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic – have engaged in an intensive training program, divided into two modules. The first week focused on our Hardware products, while the second week delved into the Software ISM management.

The Essegi Academy 

This event is part of the continuous training project initiated by Essegi Automation in 2019, targeted at our distribution network. The Essegi Academy‘s program includes periodic alignment sessions in various technical areas between our development teams and the personnel representing our brand and products at Distributors worldwide. 

This commitment, which we previously mentioned in our article on Training, showcases Essegi Automation as a provider of training. We consider it essential to ensure prompt and efficient support to our customers globally. 

 The project also incorporates an e-learning platform for Sales, encompassing advanced technical training on product innovations during major international exhibitions such as Apex Expo, Jisso Protec, and SMT Connect. 

The Service Training Session 

The intensive training session for Service technicians involves two weeks of full immersion, with a daily 8-hour program combining theoretical lessons and hands-on laboratory activities through case study resolutions. 

Our demo room serves as the most comprehensive tool for participants to simulate the management of practical scenarios, offering an immersive experience closely resembling the real-world context in which our automated systems have been installed. 

The two weeks of training, now nearing completion, focused primarily on empowering new technicians to independently handle the installation of ISM UltraFlex 3600, ISM 500, and the Autoincoming Table, as well as managing the standard functionalities of our software. 

The value of this training activity is evidenced by the feedback from participants: 

“I love being here with a lot of technicians and doing practical things about the machine.”

Vojtech Pospisilik from PBT Roznov (Czech Republic)

“[This Academy] is good to acquire some knowledge to be able to operate on the machine and to install and maintain it and to do all the relevant stuff and also to train the customers how to use it.”

Ivana Belancic from ATT Vertriebsges.m.b.H. (Austria) 

Educational Formula 

This structured training project not only ensures uniformity of skills among personnel responsible for overseeing the installation and integration of our intelligent storage systems worldwide but also solidifies our commitment to providing widespread service on a global scale, a key objective of our development strategy. 

Furthermore, the in-person educational formula fosters teamwork among diverse cultures and approaches, facilitating the exchange of technical information that is vital for continuous service and product improvement. 

The program also encompasses extracurricular experiences that contribute to team spirit and strengthen interpersonal relationships among course participants.