Our History

Essegi Automation is born from the initiative of a passionate working group that realizes the need for SMT and THT electronic assembly companies to equip themselves with state-of-the-art equipment to reduce the inefficiencies created by the procurement process of components along the production lines.

This is how Essegi Automation was born from the union of the experience gained in Essegi System Service, the spare parts company for electronic manufacturing active since 1994 in the Vicenza area, and from the transversal knowledge acquired with the development of automatic DVD distribution systems.

2009 marks the beginning of the development of intelligent storage systems (ISM) with the creation of the prototype of an automated warehouse for the storage and handling of components for the Italian market.

The first warehouse for electronics that applies the innovative solution for handling reels in double stackable trays, patented by Essegi System.

Since 2013 with the beginning of the commercial partnership with JUKI, Essegi Automation has landed on global markets with increasingly advanced integrated logistics solutions for the management of components.

The know-how of the origins

Our origin as an assembly SME in the electronics sector has made us understand how the success of companies strongly depends on virtuous management of the production flow and the key function of component logistics in this process.

Direct experience has given us the tools to read the future needs of the sector and anticipate solutions by developing integrated storage systems with a service tailored to individual production companies capable of multiplying the efficiency and competitiveness of companies on global markets.


We have chosen to focus on the development of intelligent logistics systems with the aim of becoming the reference point in the industrial automation sector with an innovative approach, capable of unhinging inefficient processes to encourage constant growth.


Essegi Automation provides intelligent and customized logistics systems that contribute to the rationalization of the flow of material between the warehouse and the assembly line, throughout the entire production cycle.

Who we are today

Essegi Automation has evolved at an increasing rhythm, but the spirit of the origins has remained alive in our organization.

Today in Essegi Automation there is a large team of specialists with top-level technical and design skills who works with passion and in close collaboration on the development of solutions capable of optimizing production processes starting from the introduction and customized configuration of advanced storage.

Our Values

Customer First

We come from the sector we work for, and we know the direction to take, but above all we understand the needs of each individual production reality and we offer customized solutions.

Enhancement of time

At Essegi Automation we aim to understand how to get the most out of the time our customers, colleagues, distributors, and other partners have.


It is thanks to passionate teamwork between colleagues, customers, distributors, and partners that we are able to jointly reach the optimal solution, tailored to each individual case.


We look ahead in search of new solutions to the critical issues that exist and that could arise.


Aware that needs change with changing circumstances, Essegi Automation has based its design and production philosophy on flexibility.

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