Application Engineering: tailored integrated system

What would it be like to be able to count on a lean process based on efficient and flexible production lines thanks to an integrated, tailor-made, simple and reliable system?

The production process in electronics companies requires scrupulous planning of each activity: from the procurement and logistics of the material to the creation and delivery of the finished product. By its very nature this process is dynamic because the customer’s needs are constantly changing.

Application Engineering is a high added value service, designed around the specific needs of the customer. The service is provided by an Essegi specialist dedicated to the analysis, design and development of customized systems integrated between our software and other company management systems, thus creating a virtuous data exchange system.

One size is not for everyone

Our Application Engineering service allows the customer to customize the production process according to their needs and according to the internal software architecture. By relying on our professionals who interact proactively with customers to respond to specific needs that are constantly evolving, companies will no longer have to suffer from pre-packaged solutions.

Benefits of an open system ready for integration:

  1. Simple and reliable customized integrated system
  2. A project specialist dedicated to creating the integrated system
  3. Reduced implementation times
  4. Time savings and increased production efficiency
  5. Solid development base
  6. All the advantages of Industry 4.0

Essegi aims to develop the ability of companies to rationalize the flow of materials from the warehouse to the production department ensuring the delivery of the correct components, at the right time, on the production line.

ESSEGI can provide the possibility of integration with all company software systems at various levels:

An API package

Share and exchange information between all the machines and devices of the production process, from ordering and receiving the components, to organizing and delivering them to the production lines, up to the delivery of the finished product.

A dedicated specialist

Synchronize the flow of material between the warehouse and the production area by sharing data and information with the management system throughout the production process, from incoming components to the delivery of the boards.

Your dedicated consultant in planning and co-design


Integration with ISM software is open and flexible. It can be done via file sharing or via Essegi’s web-based APIs. This allows you to create a connection with your ERP, MES, pick&place or other software. This site license can be customized thanks to the different options in our catalogue.


With the advent of Industry 4.0 and in particular with the high technological evolution of software tools to support production equipment, the integration of all company software systems has become a MUST. The sharing and exchange of information between all the machines and devices in the production process is essential, from the ordering and receipt of components, to their organization and delivery to the production lines, up to the delivery of the finished product. The Essegi software integration system improves the customer’s ability to stream material flow between the warehouse and the production area by sharing data and information along the production process, from incoming components to board delivery.

Main Benefit:
  1. Have your inventory and all component information fully integrated into your business management software (ERPMRP)
  2. Have your components well organized
  3. Know what components you already have and where they are
  4. Bring the material to the right place at the right time

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