Our project management methodology

Essegi Automation has developed a project management methodology that favours the development of tailor-made projects for the optimized management of production flows and growth from a lean perspective

The competitive scenario of electronics

With the digital revolution, in every industrial sector the demand for electronic boards has increased dramatically and the electronic production sector is booming.

However, the world of electronic assembly includes very different business realities, sized on their own market niche or capable of responding to a wide demand for the product. They share the type of business, but there are many factors that determine a significant difference, and which are reflected in the organization of production.

What undoubtedly unites these realities is the global competitive scenario with which companies must constantly compete and the need to adapt to the rapid evolution of the sector. A scenario that in recent years has also seen raw materials contend and, pending the affirmation of the principles of the circular economy, must focus on careful management of resources.

All this requires efficient organizations, responsiveness, and great flexibility.

A goal that is only possible thanks to the rationalization of the production process that Essegi Automation allows to achieve and maintain over time through the automated and integrated management of the assembly flow from storage to procurement of the SMT and THT production lines.

The tailor-made formula as the key to success.

If the criteria underlying a winning response to the challenges of the global market are common, each production reality must find the technological solution that best fits its specificity and capable of supporting its future development
Pre-established solutions can only be inadequate, ending up stiffening processes and compromising the efficiency and competitiveness of individual industrial companies.
This is why Essegi Automation develops open and scalable storage solutions capable of modelling themselves on production contexts with the aim not only of reducing inefficiencies by optimizing processes, but also of creating the conditions for a continuous development.

Methodically and by objectives

Essegi Automation has developed a working methodology that, starting from an in-depth analysis of the specific production context, accompanies the company on a shared development path of tailor-made integrated logistics solutions.

Our process has taken shape over time through experience and experimentation in different companies sharing some macro needs that were not adequately answered by other market players.

Illustrate and allow you to understand the full range of possible configurations of Essegi storage systems and the potential of an integrated management of component logistics to meet today’s needs and plan the next future for organic growth of the company.

Encourage the active participation of the client company in the search for the most suitable solution to achieve short, medium, and long-term objectives, involve the main players in the integration process right from the design stages to encourage a correct and fluid development process.

The advantages of the EA Methodology


Create a development project together with the client company through customized integrated logistics solutions for components that match the needs of individual production contexts and are scalable with a view to growth


Optimize project management through the transfer of knowledge and the active involvement of business teams in the process of implementing logistics systems from the earliest stages of design to testing.


Accurately define the times and costs of the integrated solutions and have constant control of the progress in all its phases, from installation to start-up, to the test phase, to ensure compliance with project deadlines.


Reduce the degree of complexity in the transition from previous logistics systems, accompanying the operators in the change and guaranteeing the continuity of production activities, without disruption.

The project in step.