ISM server software

The ISM software is the management software for the entire range of products offered by ESSEGI Automation: the intelligent warehouses of Ultraflex series, the dynamic Pick to light warehouses and the Incoming Material Station.

What is it for?

  • Manage inventory of SMT / THT components (PN and UID).
  • Update in real time quantities at the location of each unique code.
  • Schedule Work Orders.
  • Issue session launches for tab processing.
  • Plan Purchase Orders.
  • Analyses and distributes the picking lists of materials.
  • Anticipate line stoppages.
  • Propose the use of alternative parts.

Main benefits:

Have the inventory and all information on the components fully available at all times

Have the components well organized

Make the material available at the right time in the right place and in ultra-fast time

Know which components are in stock, exactly where they are and how long they have been there

Open and ready for integration

The ISM software was created to perform the primary functions of accurate inventory control, inventory monitoring and component traceability. It has evolved over the years to favour advanced integration with other management systems in the company, from ERP to MES to pick and place production lines.

It has evolved over the years to favour advanced integration with other management systems in the company, from ERP to MES to pick and place production lines.

BENEFITS of an open system ready for integration:

  • Share and exchange information between all the machines and devices of the production process, from ordering and receiving the components, to organizing and delivering them to the production lines, up to the delivery of the finished product.
  • Synchronize the flow of material between the warehouse and the production area with the data and information of the management system throughout the production process, from the incoming components to the delivery of the boards.

ESSEGI can provide integration possibilities with all company software systems at various levels:

  • An API package To leave the customer the autonomy of integration of application software, the ESSEGI APIs offer flexibility, simplify the design of the infrastructure and guarantee opportunities for innovation at a basic level.
  • A dedicated specialist To bring the company’s innovation to an advanced level in line with the requirements of industry 4.0 and to be able to count on an integrated and tailor-made system, ESSEGI has designed a high value-added service, designed around the specific needs of the customer.

The ISM software is equipped with MODULES:

Autonomous Material Management (AMM) for the fully automated management of the

AMM module manages

  • Fleet transfers of AMR ** (Autonomous Mobile Robots) also known as AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle). The paths can be outlined according to the client’s needs.

    ** Using Omron’s AMR is – currently – the only option available (LD-60 / LD-90 models).
  • Transfers to and from UltraFlex warehouses
  • The extraction and insertion of the material and empty cases
  • Transfers between the different areas of the company (Kitting, Warehouse, Operator Station etc). The AMM software can be accessed and material transfers can be called up from any PC installed in different areas of the company served by the AMR fleet.

Humidity control is the software module that serves to control the MSL life of each
component managed within the ESSEGI storage systems.
The humidity control module manages:

  • Humidity inside the storage tower (RH < 5% ).
  • The information that is displayed to show the RH and the internal/external temperature at all times.
  • Detection and removal of components whose period of exposure to moisture has expired.

The standard connection modules with Pick & Place are able to:

  • Generate Part Numbers and Unique Codes from the ISM Software and transmit them to the control software of the pick & place lines
  • Update the quantities present in the data available to the ISM software also in the data of the pick & place line and vice versa (The quantity update occurs when the session is over. The updated reels are those found in the session created in the ISM software – NEVER IN REAL TIME)
  • Warn the ISM software of the low level of quantities present in the Pick and Place line

The dynamic management module of external positions allows the system to

  • Manage and track the materials stored outside the ISM storage towers
  • Check the external shelves or any other external location, if properly labelled with barcodes.
  • Identify and track the unique IDs stored in each location.
  • Dynamically manage the storage logic in external positions
  • But also create fixed positions for part numbers and draw MSL positions.

It is mandatory to have a PDA in order to use external locations managed by the Dynamic External Storage option.

Buffer module allows to:

  • Automatically determine every four hours missing items in ESSEGI towers based on the planned production schedule for the next “x” days. Days are a customer configurable parameter.
  • Delimit multiple buffer zones. In this way it will be possible to allocate some Essegi warehouses to service certain types of products or one or more SMT lines.
  • Maximize storage capacity.
  • Connect with Incoming Material Station. While registering the material, the operator receives information on the monitor whether the newly created material should be moved to the buffer area or to the main warehouse.

To learn more, read the article

Advanced Material Registration module is the answer to the growing market demand to increase traceability, process control and cost reduction. Advanced Material Registration Module allows to:

  • Set up a quick and error-free goods registration in the company
  • Digitize documents
  • Increase the traceability of materials and data
  • While registering the material, the operator receives information on the monitor whether the newly created material should be moved to the buffer area or to the main warehouse.

The module is ready to be interfaced with the ERP and allows:

  • Scanning, saving and archiving of multipage transport documents or POs
  • The creation of rules to extract data from documents such as the document number, the list of article codes,
    the quantity, etc. (both 1D and 2D codes and text)
  • The display of PO lines and the percentage of completion by the user through an advanced dashboard.

The dashboard allows operators to:

  • View process performance Easily check a variety of useful information from manufacturing operations
  • Extraction queues in progress and archive involved
  • Incoming extraction queues
  • Percentage of material in line, in preparation and in storage
  • Daily UID movements
  • UIDs created per day
  • Completed works and works in progress
  • Status of each automated warehouse (available space, RH, status, etc.)


To manage specific components of customers / suppliers for work on behalf of third parties. Each item can already be configured in the master data and designated exclusively to a specific customer / supplier. The analysis will only select UIDs assigned to the same supplier.

To manage the logic of the alternate components in the boards.

The software manages multiple alternative components for board manufacturing. For example: if the main component is not available in the system, the session analysis will also look for any alternative items to meet production needs.

To record and archive the images of the rolls scanned from the Incoming Material Station or photographed by the high precision cameras of the intelligent storage systems of Ultraflex series.

The software allows you to view images (the first and last record). All images are saved on a hard drive in the customer’s system, in a configurable folder. This is a fundamental option that guarantees the complete traceability of each single reel and full quality control .

To automatically check the item codes of the new incoming material, against a list of approved item codes.

The software prevents the initialization of material that is not in the customer approved Part Numbers list.

To automatically check the incoming materials listed on a delivery note, packing slip, or purchase order.

This option requires the interface with the customer’s ERP and allows the real-time updating of the lines of open purchase orders or delivery notes. The result is the recognition of the material actually requested and delivered, compared to the missing, excess or not requested one.

To manage ISM 500, intelligent dynamic warehouse, and the Dynamic External Storage functionality

To delay the extraction of the reels at the last and allow the MSL components to last longer within a protected environment.

This feature manages the search for unique codes and low number of part numbers.

To check the correct positioning of the reels in the corresponding position in the feeders.
The creation / import of the Cards must be carried out with Part Numbers in the correct assembly sequence on the feeders and the scanning of the unique codes must be performed respecting this sequence. The sound of the PDA and a notification on the display give positive or negative feedback to the operator and avoid human error.

To see the feeder information on the PDA after scanning the unique reel code.

App with a simple “swipe and tap” interface that allows you to:

  • View the status of each ISM machine in the system. Directly on the smart watch face.
  • Have full control over the extraction queues.
  • Receive push notifications from the server, when machine errors occur or when the
    extraction queues are finished

To manage the solder paste and give useful information to the operators preparing the material for production.

To manage the baking processes:

  • use ovens from any manufacturer.
  • Ovens as external positions.
  • manage the insertion / extraction from the oven.
  • Track component’s remaining backing time from console.
  • Highlight UIDs undergoing/finishing backing process with dedicated colours on console

The baking management complies with the Jedec standard (J-STD-033D).