Essegi strongly believes in the contribution of every single individual to the growth of the company in all aspects.

We are not simply talking about business and profitability of work, but about the contribution of skills, ideas and team spirit that nourishes each of our projects and leads them to success.

For this to happen, the company must also do its part to encourage personal growth and stimulate that passion which we consider one of the founding values of our business and fundamental for its development.

Essegi has chosen to do this through a rich and articulated continuous training program of 2500 hours a year, under the guidance of recognized among the most authoritative management training companies.

Essegi is CUOA partner

Essegi is a supporting member of CUOA Business School, the advanced training center based in Altavilla Vicentina (VI) where the managerial class of our entrepreneurial system has been trained for over 60 years.

A point of reference for all entrepreneurs and company managers who participate in the evolutionary process of the Italian company, thanks to the expertise of high-profile teachers chosen by the school for the training courses.

Through the reserved program for supporting members, Essegi has access to various training courses from the MBA to the Executive Courses which from year to year allow for the advancement of all management roles within the company.

The partnership with Niuko

Essegi has also joined the Niuko Learning Box and has access to the entire annual offer of this Business Training and Consulting Center of Vicenza Confindustria.

Niuko boasts an extensive network of partnerships with the relevant trade associations in the area and provides a wide range of training courses.

An alliance that fulfills the dual role of allowing all employees to update themselves professionally and develop their skills by offering career development prospects and to support the company in the change.

Other training opportunities

Essegi has also provided other ‘agile’ training opportunities, with the annual subscription to the Ninja Academy online courses especially for the Marketing and Communication department and targeted Consulting and Training courses with company coaching experts.

But it doesn’t end there! But it doesn’t end there! Behind the scenes we are also trainers of our specialist technical staff and we aim to structure ourselves ever better to ensure internal alignment on skills and continuous updating.

But this is another news!