Our official distributor in North and South America, Juki Automation System Inc., finally gathered all its sales force for two and a half days at Morrisville North Carolina headquarters. 
Essegi Automation attended this special event with our CEO, Matteo Padoan, and our Sales Manager, Josè Luis Cicciò.

Reconnecting with US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina representatives and partners was great. The sales meeting was also a chance to meet some colleagues, such as Cogiscan from Canada and Inertec from Germany, along with JUKI Automation System from Japan.

We all shared a lot of information on new products, sales training, goals and also had fun together to kick off an exciting new year.

A few enthusiastic testimonials

Let’s hear the direct testimony of two participants, René López and Dave Wilson.

René began his career as a technician until becoming an SMT Engineer in an EMS company where he worked for several years. Upon joining Juki, he initially served as a Service Engineer and then rose to the role of Project Manager before rising to the role in Application Sales.

Incredible sales meeting at Juki Automation System with the participation of Essegi Automation!
I want to share my enthusiasm after attending the sales meeting at Juki, where Essegi Automation surprised us with the methodologies they are using for the sales and project creation process. It was such a positive and enriching experience.

During the presentation, Essegi instilled in us the sales methodologies they are using to increase their sales in Europe. They showed us in detail how to strategically approach the sales and project creation process, emphasizing a deep understanding of customer needs. The way Essegi pays attention to detail and dedicates itself to overcoming everyday challenges in the sales process is truly admirable.

Through practical cases, Essegi Automation demonstrated how to adapt our solutions to the specific demands of each company, thus implementing personalized approaches for each client. This customer-centric approach not only translates into successful transactions but also strengthens long-term relationships with them.

The most exciting part was realizing how their solutions not only benefit companies in terms of operational efficiency but also directly impact their processes and the money they can recover by controlling their setups.

After working for Raytheon as a Process Engineer, Dave joined MPS Associates as a sales representative for the New England territory. Since 2007 he is the owner of Competitive Edge Solutions LLC, sales representation firm selling capital equipment for SMT industry.

Just returning from another productive sales meeting at Juki Automation.

Essegi, the leader in automated storage solutions, demonstrated the latest in time saving features of their Incoming Material Station and ISM storage systems including their latest unit capable of interfacing with AMRs.

I am excited to share with my customers ways we can reduce kitting and/or return to stock times, accuracy, RH controls and overall floor space savings knowing what these products can provide. Keeping SMT lines running and reducing changeover is key to the high mix production environment in the New England region.

In summary, the sales methodologies presented by Essegi not only focus on offering products but also on providing solutions to the customer.