The distribution network is a strategic asset for our company. Thanks to the distribution network, Essegi ensures all customers immediate assistance in the country and in the language where the company, that uses our systems, operates.

Local distributors play a leading role in the satisfaction of our customers, knowing their needs and expectations.

That’s why we decided to book a significant space for meeting and discussion with our distribution network with the first ESSEGI Sales Meeting which was held from 18th to 20th October 2022 at Villa Cordellina in Montecchio Maggiore (VI).

Distributors from all over the world were invited to the three days to promote direct knowledge of our company and its solutions, and to share experiences and proposals for the development and improvement of the service.

At the opening of the Meeting we offered an overview about the evolution of ESSEGI: from where we started to where we are today and what we want to represent in the future for the world of electronic production.

Robert Black Jr was invited to present an analysis of why it is vital for SMT companies to implement with automated storage solutions in order to improve their productivity.

The Sales Meeting was also an opportunity to present our PROJECT METHODOLOGY to the global sales network: a tailor-made approach for those electronics companies that are not looking for a machinery supplier but a reliable process partner to grow their business.

Space to direct testimonials

We did not want to miss the opportunity to hear directly from the market what is happening around the ESSEGI world.

We left the stage to a customer and three distributors. The goal was to hear the direct testimony of those in the field.

Talking about his experience with ESSEGI, there was Gaetano Covucci of Eutron spa who explained how the storage solutions have improved their production, the way they work and plan future developments.

Three distributors from different countries – Japan, UK and USA – shared the benefits that our customers are having with ESSEGI solutions in their production lines.

Update and training

During the Meeting, we planned a intense technical training session in which our distributors had the opportunity to explore key issues on our storage solutions.

In the rolling workshops held by ESSEGI specialists: they had the possibility to attend live demos of ESSEGI automatic storage solutions with new products and features, the buffer software module: a software tool to optimize material management, the range of possible integrations of ESSEGI products with the SMT systems of the companies (ERP, MES, P&P, WMS), a tour of the production and a focus group on the future evolutions of the business.

Beyond work: fun, communication, and team building.

The three days program also offered many moments of fun and sharing outside the work sessions: from the traditional pizza together while solving an amusing crime, to the wine tour in a characteristic Italian wine cellar, up to the gala dinner and ESSEGI Awards for distributors who have distinguished themselves for their work.

At the end of our first Sales Meeting, we greeted our visiting distributors with Tom Vilsack’s quote.

“People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and common purpose can make the impossible possible”.

A wish that we send to all our business partners, ESSEGI customers and our readers, too!