Recently, Essegi Automation wrapped up its intermediate Service training session, welcoming a diverse group of technicians from our distribution network spanning the globe.  

Held at our headquarters, this periodic training initiative serves as a crucial avenue for updating our Service teams on the latest hardware and software advancements within Essegi Automation products. 

The primary objective of the training is to provide technicians and installers from our distribution network worldwide with direct and in-depth knowledge of product innovations and the assistance and installation procedures developed by the research and development department. 

Through intensive sessions and guided practices, participants had the opportunity to experience the new product features, acquiring skills that will be crucial for enhancing customer support and ensuring optimal operation of our systems worldwide. 

The interaction among technicians from diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds enriched the training activity, fostering the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning, confirming the importance of the company’s global character for skills development. 

As a testament to the effectiveness and importance of this training session, we are happy and proud to share some direct feedback from the participants:

“It was very useful for our service team and helps us to give more and faster support to our customers.Every member of Essegi family is very helpful and very friendly.e have get all information for the successful training and not remained any unanswered questions.”

Gábor Pap from ATT (Hungary)

“The structured approach and comprehensive coverage of configuring your software solutions have significantly enhanced my understanding of Essegi Automation products.The trainers at the Software Academy are highly competent and dedicated. They not only have in-depth knowledge of Essegi software solutions but also take the time to address all queries and ensure that every participant grasps the concepts.The hands-on exercises were particularly beneficial in applying and solidifying the learned material. This allowed me to quickly enhance my skills in configuring Essegi software solutions and become more confident in handling various functionalities. The course content was extensive and well-structured. From basics to advanced configuration topics, everything essential for successful utilization of Essegi software solutions was covered.Through training at the Essegi Automation Software Academy, I not only deepened my knowledge of Essegi products but also developed the abilities to effectively utilize them in my professional environment. I was able to directly apply the learned concepts in my daily work.” 

Roland Hatt-Müller from Juki Gmbh (Germany)

“During this intermediate training we have learnt deeper into the software and saw new options, like robots and autocalibration. It is great to see how Essegi Automation is keeping up with technology and focusing on the automation in production, designing the new fully automated solutions to minimize human mistakes and maximize the efficiency for our customers.”

Ivana Belancic from ATT Vertriebsges.m.b.H. (Austria)

“I have found the Essegi Intermediate Software Academy very useful. The Trainers are very knowledgeable on the full suite of Essegi Products and were able to deliver the training very well. In general, the support from the Essegi Service & Software Team is very good and they are always available to provide us with the expected support that we require. I’m very happy to be working with the solutions provided by Essegi Automation and feel that the training will increase our confidence in the field, especially in relation to software/integration topics.”

Anwar Erraiss from Etek (UK)

“It was nice seeing the new features, and getting to know all the extras of the software is a must to advice and help our customers in the Benelux.It’s a good thing that you can speak with every engineer that is responsible for the parts of the software so you can get every answer you need.”

Tibo Huijbregts from SMANS NV (Belgium)

“I am very happy that I could follow the well organized training at Essegi. 
It was very nice to share the knowledge and experience wih other technicians.” 

Erik Hendrickx from SMANS NV (Belgium)

“The week has been very productive, with a good mix between theory and practice, learning about new models and technologies, it is clear that the teachers like their work and have transmitted it very well during the week.”

Airon Fernández from SMT (Spain)

THANK YOU ALL for the participation! look forward to repeating the experience with the next training session.

In conclusion, the intermediate training stands as a significant corporate commitment to ensuring the utmost quality and expertise in customer support worldwide. The event not only solidified participants’ technical knowledge but also strengthened global ties within the Essegi Automation community, showcasing the company’s enthusiasm and dedication to providing training and knowledge on a global scale.