When we talk about Essegi Automation’s intelligent storage solutions, we cannot ignore a feature that significantly distinguishes the Ultraflex series warehouses from any other system on the market.

We are talking about the use of cases, which are containers made of antistatic and wear-resistant material, specifically shaped to house reels of electronic components and facilitate their movement within and outside the intelligent warehouses.

The cases of the Ultraflex series have an unmistakable yellow color, so if you spot this electrifying note in the grayness of the electronics industry, you can’t go wrong: Essegi Automation technology is synonymous with safety, flexibility, space, and time optimization.

Let’s delve into the details to understand why.

The Cases, a Unique Patented System

The Ultraflex series warehouses come with a predefined kit of cases that corresponds to the maximum capacity of the machine because Essegi Automation storage systems are designed around this extremely versatile tool for storing electronic components housed on reels (and not only, see below).

The cases come in two sizes to hold all reels from 7” to 15” and can reach different heights thanks to a system of stackable spacers that allow the container’s depth to increase from 8 to 88 mm.

A mechanically designed system to stably support each container enables rapid automated movement within the machine until the warehouse’s full capacity is reached.

Essegi Automation’s storage software is indeed capable of dynamically utilizing the internal spaces of the Ultraflex series warehouses just like a hard drive, maximizing capacity without compromising component traceability principles, quite the contrary!

This unique patented system is the key factor in understanding how the Ultraflex series warehouses and the connected storage and traceability systems – from the Autoincoming table to handheld devices – can significantly impact the efficiency of the entire production process.

Features and Advantages of the Cases

  • The cases are lightweight yet durable, allowing for rapid automated movement without the risk of damaging the reels.
  • The design of the cases is intended to delineate the containment area and protect the reel or other types of components housed within a defined space.
  • The case holds the reel in any condition: even if the packaging or support is damaged; without vacuum packaging or with loose tape, without using adhesive tape that leaves residue.
  • The presence of the case greatly limits direct contact with the tape, which can cause damage to the components.
  • The cases are easily stackable for loading, unloading, and kitting activities, ensuring safe transport and handling outside the machine for both the operator and AMRs.
  • With the case system, the Ultraflex series warehouses can recall and load up to 54 reels in extremely short operator times without requiring their presence. At the end, a light and sound signal notifies the operator to approach and retrieve the material.
  • The operator opens the door and removes all the material simultaneously, without waiting between the unloading of one reel and another.
  • The case system allows for significant space savings, up to 70% more compared to a system with loose reels.
  • Thanks to a system of stackable spacers and traceability through unique codes, the cases can hold all types of bulk components in relief or other materials that enter the assembly process.

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