A bridge between school and work

Thursday, May 16th, Essegi Automation hosted the fifth-year IT students from IIS Marzotto Luzzatti. This initiative provided the students with the valuable opportunity to explore various departments of the company, interact with tutors, and gain a firsthand understanding of the inner workings of a business.

An educational and engaging experience

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to both discover how our products are realised and deepen their understanding of business processes. This facilitated a pleasant exchange of information and relevant questions with industry professionals. 

Caterina Maistrello, Essegi Automation HR, said: 

“The students showed a lot of curiosity and eagerness to learn, asking relevant questions and demonstrating a keen interest in the various activities and business processes. It was particularly rewarding to see the enthusiasm with which they participated in the various sessions we had organized. We firmly believe that these initiatives are crucial for bridging the gap between the world of education and the world of work, helping students to navigate their future career choices.” 

A welcoming and inclusive work environment

Professor Giovanni Dalla Gassa, the student chaperone emphasized the importance of these experiences:

“I noticed an inclusive company, interacting with diverse individuals in terms of role, age, and gender, all of whom were competent. The environment is spacious, clean, and equipped with warm colors, with well-defined and reserved areas, and clear signage. The core business focuses on technological and innovative products. The company has a solid network both locally and remotely.” 

Students considerations

Marco Refatto, grade 5^D2 Informatics and Telecommunication

Since our arrival at the company, we were welcomed with great hospitality. After being divided into groups, our tour began. Thanks to the highly knowledgeable staff, we were able to understand how our skills, such as C# programming and database management, are fully utilized within the company. This made the visit much more interesting, as the company turned out to be a promising place to submit our resumes once we finish our studies..

Jacopo Balzarin, grade 5^D1 Informatics and Telecommunication i

“The visit to the company was found very interesting by all of us students. Firstly, we appreciated the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to answer doubts and questions that arose during the tour. We also found it commendable how the visit covered many technical topics, giving us a real understanding of what the company does.”

How the day was structured

  • Reception: The students were welcomed by the staff of Essegi Automation and attended a general presentation of the company.
  • Department Tours: Groups were organized to take a guided tour through the various departments, with detailed explanations of the production processes and technologies used.
  • Interactions with Professionists: Q&A sessions with Essegi Automation employees who answered students’ questions and shared their professional experiences.

These initiatives, as highlighted by some testimonials, are essential for guiding young people in their educational and professional journey, allowing them to experience the world of work firsthand and better orient their future choices.

Essegi Automation is pleased to commit to continuing on this path, supporting interaction between the worlds of education and work, contributing to the training of new generations and the professional integration of young talents.