The mobile storage nearby production lines

Smart Rack Mobile at SMT Connect 2024 introduces a smart new product to Essegi’s extensive range of electronic assembly storage solutions, bringing reels and electronic components closer to the production line.

We envision that the future of storage must include making the stock ‘mobile’ while seamlessly integrating with production lines and accurately maintaining the same standards of control, flexibility, quality, and traceability. By moving storage solutions closer to production lines, we aim to enhance productivity and reduce waste.

Main features and advantages

  • Seamless Integration: The Smart Rack Mobile integrates with Essegi Automation’s ISM Software, ensuring comprehensive connectivity and compatibility with all ISM Ultraflex Series, Incoming Material Stations, and ISM 500 Pick to Light solutions.
  • Full Connection to the Factory Floor: As with all Essegi solutions, it is designed to integrate with any other software system used in the company (ERP, MES, WMS, Pick & Place). The SMART RACK Mobile can be seamlessly integrated with pick-and-place lines, capable of receiving low-level warning signals and reel call requests from P&P, thereby assisting operators in promptly responding to line needs.
  • Space Dimension Configurability: Adjustable shelves accommodate reels from 7″ to 15″, The adjustable separators allow operators to easily modify storage space dimensions. An automatic separator detection system reconfigures the Smart Rack Mobile setup, recognizing changes in shelf width autonomously. 
  • Advanced Pick to Light System: Featuring RGB LEDs, the Pick to Light system guides operators during picking and storing operations, with LED colors indicating specific instructions to minimize errors and streamline processes, thanks to the extensive experience gained from our ISM 500 Pick to Light solution
  • Sensor Integration: Integrated sensors automatically detect the presence or absence of items in storage positions, reducing the need for manual checks and improving operational efficiency.
  • Battery-Powered Operation: Optional battery systems provide up to four hours of operation without needing to be connected to a power source, ensuring flexibility in various manufacturing environments.

What is the Smart Rack Mobile?

The Smart Rack Mobile system is a cart for transporting electronic and non-electronic materials. equipped with an effective pick-to-light system. Fitted with wheels, it can be easily moved to transport materials from the main warehouse or kitting area to the production lines, or used in a fixed position as a buffer for spare materials near the production line.

This advancement not only enhances efficiency, but also allows companies to implement technology in incremental steps, starting with solutions that require low investment but are easily scalable and can be integrated with advanced Intelligent Storage Systems in the future.

For companies that have already invested in advanced Automated Warehouses or stations for material and data acceptance, it is equally important to complement their setup with agile, easy-to-manoeuvre carts that can seamlessly connect with all Essegi machinery and integrate with any other software running on the factory floor.

Evolution of Smart Rack and Pick to Light solutions

The Smart Rack and Pick to Light market has seen remarkable growth due to the need for optimized inventory management and reduced production times. Companies have been innovating to provide highly efficient systems, space optimization, and real-time inventory tracking.

Key features observed across leading solutions include:

  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: Systems dramatically reduce picking times and improve accuracy by guiding operators with visual cues.
  • Space Optimization: Innovative designs ensure high storage capacity within small footprints, addressing critical space constraints in manufacturing environments.
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Advanced sensors and automated systems enable real-time tracking of inventory, reducing manual errors and ensuring precise inventory management.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamlined processes facilitated by these technologies lead to faster production cycles and higher efficiency, crucial for maintaining competitive advantages.

Why is Essegi Automation’s Smart Rack a turning point?

In a market where efficiency, precision, and real-time inventory management are critical, our Smart Rack Mobile stands out as a versatile and highly efficient solution tailored for the dynamic needs of electronics assembly.